Laura Dorn


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The Engagement will be performed at the Bread and Roses Theatre, Clapham from 26-30th November 2019.

More details and cast will be announced soon!

The Enemies

The Enemies - Poster.jpg

Basing itself on Henrik Ibsen's 1883 play 'An Enemy of the People', this devised production explores the notions of environmentalism and social and family politics.

The piece will be performed at the Clapham Fringe October 2018.

El: Eleanor Neylon
Johnny: Johnny Parr
Laura: Laura Vivio

Director: Laura Dorn

Photos: Paul Alistair Collins

The work of director Laura Dorn is to be praised, as the play manages to throw people directly into its reality and wastes no time introducing characters or plot ****
— Alex Hayward, London Pub Theatres
A thoughtful and deliberately chaotic show (...), the acting is faultless, with El[eanor Neylon]’s corporate outlook as palpable as Johnny [Parr]’s periodic discomfort at treading the line between two diametrically opposed viewpoints ****
— Chris Omaweng, London Theatre1
The issues of business interest versus public health that are dealt with, demonstrate a strong grasp of the themes of Ibsen’s original work and a promising narrative to develop.
— Beth Partington, The Spy in the Stalls
A beautifully devised piece of theatre
— Charles Sobry, audience member
I loved the chaos!
— Audience Member



In a Gentlemen's Club destined to sell decadence, excess and sex, KDC's production of Oscar Wilde's Salomé paints a portrait of lust and power, and what happens when those are abused. Telling the biblical story from a modern perspective, this version exposes a certain brutal nature and lack of morality present in almost everyone.

Salomé: Grace Arnold
John: Sonny Ray Casson
Herod: Charles Sobry
Herodias: Gabriella Guymer-Davies
Young Man: Richard Copperwaite
First Soldier: Sabrina Bals
Executioner: Maxime Noel

Director: Laura Dorn
Assistant Director: Elizabeth Leemann

Music: Johnny Parr
Design: Aidan Carroll




Two strangers with the same, sick desire share their fantasies online. Their first and only meeting is followed by a legal outrage that is extensively covered by the media for years. However, behind the deranged façade presented by the tabloids lies a sad story of love, longing and loneliness. 

MEIWES/BRANDES is a daring and raw piece of musical theatre based on the events, court transcripts, and personal correspondence of the infamous Armin Meiwes. 

Harriet Taylor: Armin Meiwes, vocals
Scott Howland: Bernd Brandes, vocals, guitar
Aurora Richardson: Young Meiwes, vocals, guitar
Laura Dorn: Mother, vocals, piano

The piece was devised and co-directed by the team. 

Photos: Camilla Greenwell

A genderqueer semi-verbatim musical about fetishised cannibalism, practically invents a new genre in front of your eyes
— Greg Forrest
A strange, dark, tense, captivating and unsettling show
— London Theatre Reviews
The music in this performance is wonderful and beautifully written
— The Spy in the Stalls
Sexy, dangerous, everything I go for
— Tom Hunsinger
Incredibly visceral and powerful, evoking a genuine feeling of revulsion in the audience
— The Live Review

My Name'S Macbeth(2017)

My Name's Macbeth - Poster.jpg

Macbeth is a soldier. After returning from combat, he struggles with what he has seen and done. This adaptation of Shakespeare's play explores the elements of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder present in the original text and re-tells the story in a raw, unsettling and daring way.

Macbeth: Alistair Wilkinson
Lady Macbeth: Eleonora Fusco
Hecate/Ghost: Mari-Ange Ramirez
Macduff/Doctor: Jonathan Parr
Ross: Lee Anderson
1 Witch/1 Apparition/1 Murderer: Nicola Campbell
2 Witch/2 Apparition/2 Murderer: Elizabeth Leemann
3 Witch/3 Apparition/3 Murderer: Aurora Richardson

Director: Laura Dorn
Lights: Aidan Carroll
Sound: Sophie Kelly
Sound Design: Laura Dorn

Photos: Laura Dorn