Laura Dorn


Fragments - FB Cover.jpg

Georg Büchner's unfinished play Woyzeck (probably begun around 1836, first performed in 1913) explores notions of jealousy, violence, madness and desire. This film adaptation explores exactly that but with the characters confined to a single space with no way out. 

Woyzeck: Charles Sobry
Marie: Elizabeth Leemann
Drum Major: Archie Whyld
Andres: Sonny Casson
Margret: Emily Souders
Ringleader: Phil Byrne

Director: Laura Dorn
Producers: Johnny Parr, Laura Dorn
Writer: Johnny Parr
Director of Photography: Paul Collins
Editors: Laura Dorn, Johnny Parr
Composer: Johnny Parr
Design: Aidan Carroll


12 Minutes to 5


This short film inspired by Sarah Kane's final play 4:48 Psychosis looks into the final stages of an unravelling, sick mind. 

X: Eleonora Fusco
Apparition: Laura Dorn

Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer: Laura Dorn
Music: Claire Jul